Welcome to the National Cadastre site for the Evritania and Fthiotida Regions

About the Hellenic Cadastre

The Hellenic Cadastre is a unified and constantly updated information system, which is being established under the responsibility of the Greek State and records legislative, technical and other information about the real estate properties and the applicable legal rights.

It aims at creating an up to date and fully automated record of the real estate property, where all of its contents have evidential value, ensuring the utmost publicity and security of transactions.

It is a comprehensive and contemporary system, in contrast to the previous one that was based on Mortgages and Transfers supported by a Land Registry service. More specifically, the Hellenic Cadastre:

  1. Records, on a parcel basis, all acts that create, transfer, alter or remove property rights. Thus, assuring fast and easy access to reliable information regarding the applicable rights in each property. Information access process becomes simpler and clearer.
  2. Guarantees the legal information content; the registration of each act is realized after a substantive legality check only. In other words, no act is recorded if the transfer or the beneficiary is not in the Cadastre.
  3. Records the relative geographical information of each property (form, location and size).
  4. Includes a systematic registration of the Publicly owned real estate, for the first time in modern Greece.
  5. Records rights based on adverse possession, which, especially in the province, is the most common way of acquiring ownership due to the informal transfer.

For more information about the Hellenic Cadastre you can visit: http://www.ktimatologio.gr/sites/en

For more information about the Cadastre in the Evritania and Fthiotida Regions you can contact us at 513@geoapikonisis.gr.

Range of Responsibility

This site provides information and updates on deadlines and cadastral procedures, as well as useful information, such as forms and documents for the handling of transactions by right-owners within the area of the Evritania and Fthiotida Regions.

Cadastre Survey in Evritania and Fthiotida Regions

  1. Evritania:

    It includes the whole of the Municipalities, falling within the Region, with the exception of the former (Kapodistria) Municipality of Karpenissi, where cadastre is already operational.

    To see the Municipalities of Evritania under cadastre survey click here.

  2. Fthiotida:

    It includes the whole of the Municipalities, falling within the Region, with the exception of the former (Kapodistria) Municipalities of:

    1. Malesina, Atalanti, Dafnousion and Agios Konstantinos Municipalities, where cadastre is already operational.
    2. Lamia Municipality, where a Cadastre survey is being executed under another contract.

    To see the Municipalities of Fthiotida, under cadastre survey click here.

To see the map of under cadastre survey regions, click here.

To see the deadlines for the submission of declarations click here.

Cadastre survey stages

The cadastral survey procedure has a specific time schedule; it begins with the declaration that a region is under cadastral survey and it is completed with the commencement of the Cadastral Office’s operation in this region.

Briefly, the cadastral survey procedure includes the following stages:

  • Submission of property declarations to the Cadastral Survey Offices by the beneficiaries and registration of the declaration in a digital database.
  • Formation of interim cadastral tables and diagrams based on the data that has been collected from the submitted declarations and has been processed by lawyers and surveyors.
  • Suspension of the interim cadastral data (tables and diagrams) at the Cadastral Survey Offices for a two-month period and dispatch of extracts to the beneficiaries for their information.
  • Submission of objections to independent administrative committees or applications for the correction of a cadastral registration, depending on the case, by whomever has a legal right, for a time period of two months for residents of Greece and a time period of four months for people residing abroad.
  • Reformation of cadastral data after the examination of the objections and the correction claims and formation of the final cadastral tables and diagrams. The registrations that appear on the final cadastral tables are called Initial Registrations since they constitute the first (initial) registration in the cadastre.
  • Commencement of the Cadastral Office’s operation in the particular area in place of the old Land Registry Office.

Current stage

The first stage is expected to begin in the December of 2018.

Timely Submission of Declarations

Submission of declarations is mandatory. Failure to comply will incur penalties, as these are laid down by the relative legislation.

The properties that will not be declared during the Cadastral Survey shall be assigned an «unknown owner» and if no relevant corrections are made within the aforesaid deadline, they shall vest in the Greek State. The submission of a declaration, by the rightsholders, before the expiration date of the declarations’ collection period (12 February 2019), is therefore, particularly critical, as otherwise, it will be more expensive and will require more time to complete the process.

The areas (pre-Kapodistria LRAs) where the declarations for real property are collected and the corresponding collection locations are shown in detail here below: